How We’re Helping the Innovative 3D Body Scanning Company Fit3D Expand Its Computer Vision Expertise

We are excited to announce that Genium will be bringing our computer vision expertise to Fit3D, the world’s fastest growing 3D body surface scanning company.

In particular, Genium will build and connect Fit3D with a world-class team of computer vision experts. Our team will help the company enhance and expand its innovative applications of 3D body data in the health care, fitness and apparel markets.

How Fit3D Is Changing the Game

Established in 2012, Fit3D is the creator of the ProScanner, a body surface scanning machine that provides a fully three-dimensional body surface scan in less than 35 seconds. With more than 1,000 ProScanners installed in more 47 countries, Fit3D has already collected more than 500,000 body scans. Fit3D aims to leverage its body scanning services to build the largest, fastest growing and most globally diverse 3D body avatar dataset in the world.

“We’re making new leaps every day in the collection and analysis of 3D body data, and we’ve already partnered with leaders in the health care, fitness and apparel and garment industries with great success,” says Greg Moore, Fit3D’s CEO and co-founder.

How We’re Helping

To help meet Fit3D’s innovative goals, we’re building Fit3D a team of engineers with particular expertise in 3D image processing and mesh optimization capabilities.

“Our collaboration with Genium will allow us to harness top expertise in 3D computer vision engineering,” says Moore. “[This will] ensure we can continue to use our dataset to solve really big problems, such as health and wellness evaluations as well as apparel design and distribution with a BodyFirst approach through our BodyBlock AI brand.”

Computer Vision Expertise Can Be Hard to Find

As a leading software development and agile consulting firm, we connect fast-growing and forward-thinking companies with experts in emerging and highly sought-after areas of technology. 

Among our areas of expertise is computer vision engineering. Closely related to AI, computer vision engineering involves building systems that can quickly obtain, analyze and learn from information from images or multi-dimensional data, such as Fit3D’s body surface images.

With applications in industries ranging from driverless cars to facial recognition software to robotics, computer vision engineer expertise is in high demand—which also means that talented experts can be hard to find. Business Insider recently ranked computer vision engineers as one of the top three most in-demand IT skills in 2018. 

“It’s clear computer vision engineering is going to shape our world’s future in new and groundbreaking ways. Fit3D is already proving that, as one of the most disruptive body scanning companies out there,” says Alex Iceman, CEO and founder of Genium.

“However, finding the right expertise in this area can be tricky,” adds Iceman. “At Genium, we’ve gone above and beyond to recruit exceptional talent in this and many other areas of highly in-demand tech. We’re excited to connect Fit3D with our experts and help their innovation skyrocket.”


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