We connect fast-growing companies with world-class talent to minimize risk and maximize innovation.

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your new dream team

We build you an expert software development team tailored to your methodologies, tools, technical platform, management style and business culture. You focus on your core business, while Genium works as your Recruiting, Retention, Consulting, Administration, IT, and Finance departments.


We’re constantly recruiting and developing our large pool of IT professionals to connect you with the expertise you need, without the hassle.

smart, loyal teams

You own and manage your team 100%. This brings strategic advantages compared to traditional outsourcing methods in building team competence, motivation and loyalty and keeping valuable Know-How in-house.

Flexible & Scalable

As your project and business evolves, so do we. Our model lets you scale up or down quickly, allowing you to extend your capabilities when you need to, with minimal risk.

Why Genium?

We love to make things easy for you. Here's what you'll get from Genium's custom approach.

Your team, our support

You own and manage your development team, while we remain on-hand to make adjustments, provide additional feedback and training and suggest new candidates as your needs grow.

Sky-High Standards

Made up of some of the world's best developers, engineers and security geniuses, our teams deliver top-tier work in challenging and emerging tech.

FReedom & Flexibility

Our unique model lets you scale up or down as your project and business evolves. With less admin and fewer fees, you're free to focus on your core business. We take care of the rest.

Cutting-edge Expertise

From Blockchain and VR/AR to Big Data, data security and beyond, we source talented teams with proven expertise.

Remarkable agility

We’re certified experts in leading agile development methods, allowing you to accelerate your time to market and grow revenue faster.


You get the best of all worlds — a long-term, loyal group of employees, hired in the tightest of timelines, at a low risk and minimal investment.

innovate for tomorrow, today

To stay competitive, you need to adjust your digital strategy to the modern market. We connect innovative companies with world-class engineers, developers and security experts who ensure their businesses stay ahead of the game and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

At Genium, we're leading the way in harnessing disruptive technology trends such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Security, IoT, AR/VR and more. Our agile methods help growing companies skyrocket their business quickly, without compromising quality.

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  • Less admin, fewer fees
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