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Genium Unique Engagement Model

Together with you, we set up a software development team which corresponds to your methodologies, practices, workflow tools, technical platform, management style, and business culture. You can then focus 100% on your core business because Genium works as your Recruiting, Retention, Consulting, Administration, IT, and Finance departments.


Genium is constantly recruiting and developing its large pool of IT professionals. 


Completely transparent cost model – no hidden fees: Salary +Tax + Genium Service fee, this gives advantage of employees salary control, their motivation and loyalty as well as building long-term relationship

Flexible & Scalable

You focus on go-to-market and, development, while we take care of ALL administrative hassle, HR, recruitment, IT and Office infrastructure, etc.
Scale up or down very fast (within 30 days)

Why Genium?

We love to make things easy for you, so here is why to choose Genium as your digital partner in software development and IT outsourcing.


You own and manage developers

Developers 100% belong to and are managed by the client. This brings strategic advantages compared to classical outsourcing regarding team competence, motivation, keeping Know-How in-house, AGILE management and control. No legal employment obligations.


Full flexibility and scalability

Customers focus on development and go to market, while Genium takes care of ALL administrative nuisances, HR, recruitment, IT and Office infrastructure, etc. Scale up or down quickly (within 30 days). No prepayments needed.


Scale smart

Our unique “own development team” model can translate in up to 60% cost savings that would typically go toward hiring, housing, and retaining staff on your own.


Completely transparent cost model

No hidden agenda: Salary +Tax + Genium Service fee, this gives the advantage of employees salary control, their motivation, and loyalty as well as building a long-term relationship with Genium clients market quickly with low risk and minimal investments.


We are Agile

We are experts in agile development methods. And we make sure all our teams meet a high standard of agile development. We provide constant training and control to ensure smooth methodology adoption across teams


Long-term loyalty

When we help you build your team, you’re getting the best of all worlds — a long-term, loyal group of employees, hired in the tightest of timelines, at a low risk and minimal investment.

Do you want to stay competitive?

If companies want to stay competitive, they can’t rely on the digital strategy based on their past experience without adjusting to the modern market. Successful companies that work with us released where they stand today so they can move forward and adopt for the challenges of tomorrow.

At Genium we believe in helping our clients to scale without losing customization. We constantly analyze disruptive technology trends such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Data Security, IoT, AR/VR and much more to help companies succeed and stay competitive.

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Grow faster with Genium​

Nobody can help you scale and minimize your time to market like Genium. On average, companies using Genium see:
  • 51% increase in savings
  • 34% increase in time to market speed
  • 32% increase in productivity
  • 56% faster product deployment
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