Las Vegas, here we come. Representatives from Genium and our new crypto wallet app WallePay (launching soon) are headed to CES 2019 this week. Our thoughts, in a few words? We’re psyched.  

CES is more than just the biggest tech trade show of the year — it’s one of the hotbeds for innovation.  For the past 50 years, some of the most groundbreaking technologies in history have been announced or discussed at CES.  Going to CES is an essential way to keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends in tech, and connect with some of the most forward-thinking businesses, minds and ideas out there.  

A Few of Our Personal Must-See’s at CES 2019

There have been many excellent previews already of some of the big announcements and topics most hotly anticipated at this year’s CES. While we plan to soak in as much as we can over the week, there are a few topics that are on the top of the list for us here at Genium.  

Given our growing portfolio in disruptive tech, a few innovative subjects we look forward to hearing more about include: 

  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. As one of our premium areas of expertise here at Genium, blockchain is one of our hands-down biggest watch areas at CES this year. The launch of the Genium-developed WallePay — the next level of mobile Ethereum wallets — is on the near horizon, and we’ve helped clients such as SportCastr’s FanChain break into new territories with custom ERC20 tokens and more. At CES this week, we’ll explore how businesses and thought leaders are benefiting from new cryptocurrencies and harnessing blockchain tech in new and emerging applications worldwide. 
  1. Smart Cities. Anyone deeply invested in the Internet of Things (IoT) knows that smart cities are one of the most exciting and complex fields for innovation. How can technology, data analysis and interconnected systems work together to improve efficiencies, services and quality of life in major modern cities? In particular, at Genium we are zooming in on the challenges and possibilities in creating software integration and mobile solutions to interact with smart cities. 
  1. Artificial Intelligence. The days when AI was relegated to a few speculative panel discussions are long past. AI will be everywhere this year at CES, from voice-driven consumer tech to the applications of machine learning and big data analytics to the robots roaming the show floor and beyond. We look forward to seeing where some of the biggest leaps in AI are happening and continuing to envision how our own work at Genium can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Headed to Vegas Too? Let’s Connect

Going to CES is also all about seizing the opportunity to get great minds together in a room and see what ideas happen. Whether it’s an official VIP networking event or a spontaneous conversation in a hallway, our experience shows that the seeds of innovation can take many forms. We’re looking forward to connecting with many of our clients, partners and colleagues over the week and making new connections all the time. 

Headed to Vegas too? Drop us a line or look out for us, and we’ll do the same. And stay tuned for our impressions and takeaways afterwards, too.

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