Introducing WallePay

The most secure, powerful and easy-to-use Ethereum wallet around. 

WallePay is a groundbreaking mobile app that lets you store, manage and safeguard your Ethers effortlessly. WallePay supports all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens and offers unique enhancements for custom ERC20 tokens. 

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Secure Your ETH Funds, Effortlessly


Wallet's private key is stored only on your device locally. Our industry-leading security features keep your funds protected

Ethereum network

Walle offers full support for any ERC20 and ERC223 tokens on Ethereum network.

Backup & Restoration

Walle provides a backup and restore functionality so you'll never have to worry about losing your wallet.


Walle always keeps your data secure and private. Only you have access to your personal information


Created and monitored by top security experts, WallePay meets the highest quality and security standards

Fast transactions

Walle makes it easy to manage your account, send and receive funds, check your balance and see all your transactions

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Technologies We Use

Add Custom Support for Your Token

Get ready for your ICO, and enable your token users to have a rich interaction via Walle.
  • Custom token integration
  • Token enhanced functionality (Custom screens)
  • Fast integration
  • ICO tokens accepted
  • Want your users to have custom functionality for your token? Contact us now. >>

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