Expertise, simplified

We're constantly recruiting and developing our large pool of IT professionals to connect you with the expertise you need, quickly.

Tailored to YOUR NEEDS

After discussing your needs and goals, we’ll review our internal pool of experts and identify those whose skillsets and experience match your company and your project. We place your hand-picked team in the location that best meets your needs — whether onshore, nearshore or offshore matching your time zone

top-notch CANDIDATES

Once we’ve prepared a short list of candidates, we’ll present them to you for final interview and selection. After you’ve made your decision, your hires will join your team full-time.
Your newly selected team will continue to be based in our offices in Buenos Aires, Kiev or elsewhere, but they will work full-time on your project, under your management. Genium will continue to provide guidance to ensure the flawless integration of your new team members.

long-term support

Genium will always be available to make adjustments, provide additional feedback and training and suggest new candidates as your team needs grow. 
Genium’s Extend Your Team model gives you the best of both worlds: your own team of full-time experts, combined with Genium’s years of experience with recruitment, management and development of technology professionals.

ACCESS Top talent in cutting-edge tech

Genium builds you a software development team made up of world-class engineers, developers and security experts, optimized for your project’s needs. You own the team, and it’s dedicated to your company or project, directed by you and located in one of our high-profile development hubs.
Want a custom-tailored team that will keep you at the forefront of technologies like AI, Blockchain, Big Data, VR and more?

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  • World-class talent in cutting-edge tech
  • Faster, smarter, agile development
  • Uncompromising security expertise
  • Less admin, fewer fees
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