Transitioning From Public Touchscreens to Mobile Devices in a Post-COVID World

At Genium, we’re certified experts in agile mobile development, with 30+ agile teams and a powerful track record of client satisfaction and success. To start, here’s a list of some of the possible solutions available to you:

  • Providing better touchless customer service with facial recognition
  • Creating an SDK so partners can use your mobile technology
  • Authorizing user access with Face ID or other methods
  • Detecting position with Bluetooth beacons and other location-based triggers
  • Enabling touchless data transfers and one-to-one kiosk interactions with QR codes or NFC communication
  • Freeing up hands with voice control
  • Transferring data via audio without any other network

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We connect innovative companies with world-class developers and engineers.

Grow Faster

  • Top 1% mobile and backend engineers
  • Checklist-based processes geared towards quality and security
  • Certified experts in agile mobile development, with 30+ agile teams

Grow Smarter

  • Main engineering hub in Argentina
  • Premium security on-boarding measures and policies
  • European mentality, excellent English, US standards

Sky-high Standards

  • Quality Over Time concept

  • Processes influenced by aviation industry
  • Using latest tech like JS, Serverless, Swift, Kotlin, Java

Team Extension

  • Your team, our support
  • Smart and loyal teams
  • Your new expert Dream Team

Custom Projects

  • Full project development cycle from concept to launch

  • Certified Product and Project Managers
  • UI and UX experts for user-friendly design

Genium customers gain:


Over 100 engineering teams, both large and mid-size, are growing their tech force with Genium.

Let’s talk about how the top development company in the US and Argentina can help to grow your mobile engineering team.

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